Inverter Models in Chennai

The lists of Inverter Models in Chennai are Luminous, Microtek, Su-kam, APC, Everest and Crompton Greaves.

Luminous Inverters

Luminous inverter brand is incorporated with Luminous Power Technologies and it is a high quality inverter guarantying reliable and standard usage. Luminous is a well recognized brand for its amazing performance in both domestic and corporate applications. Output capacity ranges from 0.8KVA to 100KVA. read more..

Microtek Inverters

Microtek inverters hand out as a quality back up electric power solution and it is an innovative product that guarantees pivotal power supply. It arrives in different ranges with different capacities such as 10kVA, 8kVA, 5.5kVA, 3kVA, 1400VA, 800VA and 600VA. read more..

Su-kam Inverters

Su-kam inverters avail in wide range with excessive functionalities and guaranteed quality and it is designed with futuristic concepts which function both as inverter and UPS. It eliminates the requirement to have separate backup systems. read more..

APC Inverters

This brand is reputed and reliable alternate power supply system which comes with compact and aesthetic design. With the assistance of shock proof you can stay in a complete safer zone. Automatic charge over within 20ms is an additional feature of APC Inverters. Even at low input voltage, battery can recharge without leading into any trouble. read more..

Everest Inverters

Everyone knows Everest is one of the top most brands for all kind of home appliances and it is a smart solution for alternate power supply and power backup. It is featured with sixth sense technology monitors battery voltage, gives more backup time, and alters amplitude and shapes of sine waves. It manages power factors while charging. read more..

Crompton Greaves

Crompton Greaves is mentioned as a preferred home UPS that features DSP based design, which helps us to get the constant Sine Wave output voltage. Vibrant stability is achieved through the use of MOSFET based PWM technology. It provides high thermal and battery protection. With the use of automatic charge sense, it eliminates wastage of power. read more..

USHA Inverters

USHA Inverter is considered as the tremendous selection for home applications. It is engaged with double adaptation technology that corrects and alters incoming mains into suitable DC for getting the charge for batteries. Inverters of this brand are available in 500VA, 600VA, 800VA and 1400VA. read more..

KEVIN Inverters

KEVIN offers reliable power systems with highly durable batteries for inverters, automobiles and UPS. It is available at reasonable price and highly effective to use in commercial, industrial and residential purposes. read more..


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