Crompton Greaves

Crompton Greaves Inverters in Chennai is allied with world class Crompton Greaves group. With the assistance of top quality Crompton greaves inverters you can get an excellent power backup solution for any kind of residents as well as industries. This brand is having an extra ordinary reputation in the market when it is compared with others. And it is also having great insist in the market. At vender’s manufacturing unit, it has been manufactured through the use of high quality raw materials. This branded inverter is embedded with effective MOSFET technology, reverse phase protection, normal/ high charging option, over temperature protection and etc.

Stable sine wave output voltage has been generated through the use of integrated DSP based design. These kinds of inverters are specially designed for IT based industries. Most of the IT companies utilize its benefits when they are getting power interruption. All kind of compressor based appliances have been operated through the use of Crompton Greaves inverters. Health based equipments also operated simply without facing any issues. Hence it well suits for both commercial and industrial purposes.


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