Luminous Inverters

Luminous inverters in Chennai are unquestionably the best and reputed in the inverters world. It is designed and packed with wide range of user friendly features. These inverters are also referred as symbol of comfort and convenience. It also outfits to a number of high power applications. Luminous DSP based inverters are generally used for operating refrigerators and deep freezers in different sizes. It is suitable for petrol pumps, telecoms, elevators and etc.

Ranges of Luminous Inverters are 800VA, 1500VA, 2.5KVA, 3KVA, 6KVA, 10KVA, 15KVA, 20KVA, 30KVA, 50KVA, 100KVA. One of the additional features of the Luminous inverters is smart charge+ technology. With the assistance of this technology, people can save up to 70% of electricity. It charges the battery up to 2 times quicker. Advanced battery management system will lead you to save your battery life up to 70%. Battery charging can be regulated from 120V to 290V. Through Digital display you can get the notifications such as Mains on, battery reverse connection, smart charging, battery fuse blown, overload or shirt circuit trip, Inverter on, battery low trip, and smart charging. Prefer Luminous inverters in chennai to stay in an environment without facing any power issue.


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