Microtek Inverters

Say goodbye to the troubles you faced during power issues, as this Microtek Inverters in Chennai will supply electric power back up. Microtek has both sinusoidal wave and digital inverters. It will be considered as a perfect solution to operate all kind of electronic appliances in homes as well as companies. And at the same time it will protect your electronic appliances from low and high voltage vacillations. Without causing any health issues, this kind of inverters will provide a safe solution to your daily power cut trouble. Key features of the Microtek inverters are micro controller based intelligent control design. With the assistance of display indications you can get the status and fault notifications.

Through short circuit protection and smart overload sense you can get more beneficial things and this feature will minimize the risk factors. In case of overload situation, auto rest function will off the inverter and it automatically turns on when load is minimized. These kinds of inverters arrive in the market with different capacities such as 600VA, 800VA, 1400VA, 3KVA, 5.5KVA, 8KVA and 10KVA. It also features three stages charging as well as modified PWM. Prefer it to keep your premises without facing any trouble due to lack of power.


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